How To Get A Winning Number For Your Illinois Powerball Tickets

A life changing Powerball jackpot of almost $830 million has been won by a single lottery player in Maryland, and all five Illinois Lottery Players will be celebrating following the results of their final draws on Wednesday night. The winning numbers were posted on the Powerball website early Wednesday morning, with play beginning at 7 AM Eastern. All five States had a total of six Powerball games to decide which player would win their jackpot prize. Results for all five states are due at the same time. If no winner is declared at the end of the Powerball drawing, then all of the Powerball winners will share the same amount.


In all Powerball states, drawings will last for a minimum of three weeks and will require regular Powerball play. No player will be allowed to register or play Powerball with any type of down payment, cashier’s check, or through any other means provided by the Illinois Lottery Commission. Further, if a winning Powerball ticket has already been claimed, then it must be surrendered to the lottery office in the state in which the winning player resides. Any winning Powerball prize that has not yet been cashed in can only be cashed in if the winning ticket amount is a Powerball Jackpot.

Illinois’ Powerball prize regulations state that there is first place at no charge to the winner, but that additional rounds of play will require at least one payment, whether made in person or via card or electronic transaction. Each additional payment will entitle the winner to additional chances to win additional prizes. There are seven kinds of prizes available in Powerball; namely, single, double, triple, home run, limited time, preferred set and theme. Each player will receive at least one prize in each of these seven categories.

A winning Powerball prize distribution plan in Illinois will be set forth by the Illinois Lottery Commission in its monthly and yearly reports. The daily and weekly drawing winners will be announced on the television news shows and via the announcements in newspapers throughout the state. On the same day of each drawing, the Powerball Players Association of America will post the names of the winners who have achieved Powerball winnings. At least ten days before each game’s draw, the Powerball winners will be chosen from the Illinois Powerball players who have achieved the most wins within that game’s timeframe. For instant games, Powerball winners will also be selected from the list of regular players.

In addition to Powerball, many cities in Illinois have its own version of the lotto game. In fact, for a much larger prize, Powerball winners will often receive cash prizes from the jackpot drawn at the local gas station when purchasing Powerball tickets. Illinois residents residing in areas such as Chicago, Joliet, Hoffman Estates, Norridge, Oak Lawn, and south central Illinois are regularly given Powerball tickets in the gas station parking lot. When they pay for the ticket, they leave a few pennies in the tip jar which is then given to the charity of their choice.

Other types of Illinois Powerball winners are ones who come from Illinois who purchase tickets at retail stores located within the state. One example of this is when someone purchases a ticket at the Discover card terminal in Chicago and then chooses to buy another at a participating store in Joliet. When these second tickets are purchased, the person may then qualify for a Powerball prize. For some specific occasions, Illinois residents have purchased Powerball at grocery stores that are located within their home state. For example, someone could purchase a ticket at a Wal-Mart in Illinois, then purchase another one at Kmart in Illinois, and then another at a Lowe’s in Illinois.

The Powerball prize claims process in Illinois starts with the winning player who has fulfilled all the requirements. After a player completes the steps, he or she can file a Powerball prize claim form with the Illinois Department of Revenue. The Illinois Department of Revenue will then send the winning ticket to the winning party.

Remember, if you win a Powerball ticket in Illinois, you must claim it before the drawing. If you win a Powerball prize in any other state, the state budget is likely to cover the cost of the drawing. You should check with your state revenue office regarding Illinois Powerball tickets. Individuals who are serious about winning bids on Powerball should always check with their state tax agency as well.